Today my team and I launched a new iteration of a client’s product. Always something of a white-knuckle ride. Available time for diving into anything but that was severely limited. Luckily I came across this fantastic article by wpmudev on customising the Twenty Seventeen theme.

If you’re interested in this particular theme you should definitely read the full article, but here are a few takeaways.

Twenty Seventeen introduces ‘visible edit shortcuts’ – that is, elements that are contextually editable from within the theme’s (or child theme’s) customizer.


It supports parallax scrolling, both for the main landing page image, and for the sub-sections it incorporates.

It supports video, either uploaded or via YouTube.

Out of the box, it does not support navigation to a homepage subsection, but it’s easy enough to add that yourself.

I’m off to Belgium tomorrow. Fingers crossed for some decent wifi and some downtime!