The thing about blogs is that they show you up. Leave it a while and there’s that previous post sitting around to tell the world just how long it’s been since you last hit submit.

Never mind. Since that last snitchy post, PHP Objects Patterns and Practice 4th Edition has gone to press. Off topic, I was awarded a Creative Writing MA by UEA — which means I can officially make things up with some facility. Back in code-land I have been providing some very concentrated onsite consultancy which has allowed me to explore a new city whilst working with some lovely clients on PHP and Java jobs. Meanwhile I’ve been planning the next iteration of getInstance().

In practice, this means I’m be adding “limited’ to my trading name on invoices. More importantly, though, it means I’ll have some really challenging new projects to explore, new colleagues to learn from, and new content to generate–both on this site and, possibly, in an e-book or two.

Whatever else happens, I don’t expect 2014 to bore me. I wish everyone reading this interesting times too, in only the best sense.