standing-deskCoders and writers are a sedentary bunch by and large. Because I’m both, I probably get a double dose of sitting around. Apparently sitting is the new smoking. Even though I run at least every other day, I’m pretty sure I can feel the malign affects of lounging around for hours on end. This is probably exacerbated by my natural tendency to slouch.

So behold! My experimental standing desk! I’m trying this out for a week. I started last Saturday and my experience so far has been mixed. I like the sense that I’m a giving a performance and the fact that I can dance (badly) while I work. I like the fact that I have confused the cat who usually likes to lie between me and keyboard in the hour or so before her mealtimes. I’m more purposeful and brisk too.

This latter point has its downside. In both writing and coding for me there is an element of dreaminess. Sometimes I like to sit and stare out the window waiting for my current problem’s solution to just happen along. I think I’ll have to programme dreamtime into my routine.. probably by taking more walks.. or even sitting down in the kitchen or garden every now and then.

My biggest problem has been my poor aching muscles and hips. But given that this is day three, it’s probably too early to complain about that. I’m also now adding a ten minute walk once an hour, and that’s already making a difference.

So my three day verdict? A cautious thumbs up.